The LoniMover


To circumvent the fact that CTDI100 is inadequate for collimations above 40 mm, IEC 60601-2-44 Ed. 3:A1 has proposed a method for determine CTDI for collimations above 40 mm.
The LoniMover system makes this process easy and above all, accurate.

The LoniMover system

The purpose of the system is to move your measuring device either with constant velocity, Sweep mode, or to well defined positions, Step mode. The system consists of three parts, the LoniMover, the LoniButton and the LoniCT software.

The LoniMover

The LoniMover makes sure the measuring device you decide to mount on it traverse with high precision in time and space.

The LoniButton

The LoniButton is the link between the software(s), the user and the mover system. It even integrates the CT exposure button to help you get perfect timing of all the components involved during Sweeps.

The LoniCT software

The included LoniCT software (Windows) is designed to make measurements according to the IEC standard easy.

Together with the LoniMover hardware and measuring systems from RTI Group you can:

  • Measure dose distributions of x-ray beams, even for pulsed beams.
  • Join multiple measurements with an integrating chamber and simulate a longer chamber.
  • Provides you with a complete workflow for QC of CTDIw for broad beams.

To make the procedure even easier, LoniCT integrates with RTI Ocean (RTI Group AB, Sweden) or directly with the RTI Cobia hardware and can trigger the measurement perfectly timed with the movement and exposure.


Sweep mode

Sweep mode works great with small detectors that sample dose or dose rate over time, there by producing dose distribution profiles you can use for determining CTDIfree_air, dose efficiency and Full Width at Half Maximum of the x-ray beam.

Step mode

Step mode can be used for joining measurements with a 100 mm pencil ionization chamber into a virtual 300 mm long chamber (up to 400 mm), there by measuring CTDIfree_air for use with the IEC 3.1 formalism.

This is only examples, in CT dosimetry it’s paramount to gain knowledge about the x-ray field and The LoniMover system is a great tool for that.